International Conference
"Coal and coke. Technology and Risks"
September 17-18

Moscow, Russia, the hotel complex "Bakhrushin"

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"Coal and coke. Technology and Risks"

"We are accustomed to call coal "natural" resource. Indeed, if the land would not be deposits of coal, coal trade would not exist. In this sense, the coal was indeed factor nature. However, the presence of coal was not enough to start trade of coal. It began to develop only with the growth of the international economy, coal was a social artefact to the same extent as the fact of nature."
"Smelting iron with coke has become one of the most significant inventions of the Industrial Revolution, extremely important in the long run, because this technology has enabled the production of iron, necessary for the mechanization of industry and the construction of railroads and steamships."

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee would like to invite you and your colleagues to take part in the international conference "Coal and coke. Technology and risks", which will be held in Moscow on 17-18 September 2015 in the hotel complex "Bahrushin" (hotels "Mercure" and "Ibis").

To participate in the conference are invited leaders and representatives of the coal and coke enterprises, specialized design institutes of the Russian Federation, the international mining and metallurgical holdings and foreign engineering companies.

In a book about the industrial revolution in the global picture of the world, published in 2014, at the publishing house of the Gaidar Institute, an expert on international competition in the steel industry R.Allen allocated a significant part to describe the economy, geography and historical value of coal and coke.

These industries are constant processes which require substantial discussions with companies engaged in the production, processing, modernization of processes and specialized equipment, as well as specialists in the branch and financial analysis and risk management.

Current status, new trends and prospects, together with the experience of MMI (Metals & Mining Intelligence) - PRO in the coal and coke industry, was incentives for an international conference "Coal and coke. Technology and risks" in September 2015.

On this site' page the concerned participants can find detailed information about the upcoming conference.

If any questions remain temporarily unanswered, please write to the organizers at the addresses given in the Contacts section.

The terms of participation
70 thousand Rubles without VAT
Detailed conditions

Go to Registration and Conditions for more information about the terms and discounts, as well as application.

You can contact the organizers of the conference on registration, partnership and sponsorship by e-mail or by phones +7 499 245 38 50, +7 903 799 52 65
Speakers & Moderators

Moscow, Russia, the hotel complex "Bakhrushin"
(hotels Mercury, Ibis, Adajio), P. Tretyakova and S.Morozov halls
nearest metro station Paveletskaya

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